Couples Counselling

Relationship and marriage counselling focuses on improving communication and conflict resolution in a non-confrontational setting. Meet with your significant other and I to work together towards a better relationship.

Couples counselling focuses on resolving relationship challenges and conflicts in a neutral setting. Relationship therapy can be short term for 1 – 3 sessions or on a longer term based on the specific needs of the couple. Initial sessions will explore concerns, how they are impacting each partner and the relationship as a whole, and also goals for the therapeutic process. Most sessions will be done as a team and occasionally individual sessions will be part of your counselling experience. Some reasons that clients seek couples counselling include:

  • Trouble communicating with one another
  • Challenges with intimacy
  • The aftermath of an affair
  • Sex therapy
  • Problems with conflict resolution
  • Marriage preparation & assimilation


With 18 years of experience helping couples, I offer ways for you and your partner to grow and progress your relationship with communication and conflict resolution techniques. Contact me today to start your journey towards a stronger bond with your significant other.

Experienced Counselling Services

I have worked in counselling for almost two decades with a focus on mindfulness and industry-leading treatment approaches.


Client sessions take place in the comfort and privacy of a private practice. Discretion is my top priority.

Flexible Appointment Times

Schedule your sessions during lunch hour, after work or during the weekend. I will always accommodate your schedule.